About FitJet

FitJet is a fitness application which provides personalised exercise plans, based on a wide range of circumstances and calorie consumption goals.


People want to stay fit for various reasons. However, at the same time, it is difficult to keep exercising in the middle of the busy schedule. For these people, FitJet offers the solution. With FitJet, exercises - from the easiest to the hardest one - can be easily found.


All you need to prepare is a will to start.


Ready to start a journey with FitJet? Then, please come and join.

FitJet is always here to help your exercise anytime, anywhere. 



What FitJet Offers


Searching Choice

By using the filter, you can get the list of personalised exercises, based on your body condition, preference and various circumstances.

Searching by Calories

If you have calorie consumption goal, FitJet recommends you the most proper exercises.


Just let FitJet know how many calories you want to spend and the duration for calorie consumption.

Food Calorie Calculator

You want to check how many calories you have had, but do not remember it?

No worries. FitJet lets you find the foods you have eaten, and all you need to do is just adding the foods and check the calories.

Reward System

When you finish the whole exercise plan, FitJet offers you a reward!

You can collect the balls and exchange it with a gift card. Happy exercising with FitJet's awesome reward system!

Check Your Records

FitJet always let you check the exercise records. See how many steps left for your fitness goal and keep going!

FitJet Style Guide

FitJet's style guide is based on the feeling of warmness, happiness and energy.

FitJet always hopes our users feel excited and joyful whilst working out.


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On Devices

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To Know More about FitJet

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