Heuristic Evaluation - WINDY: NOAA Wind Forecast App

1. Overview
  • My Role: UX Designer (heuristic evaluation)

  • Timeline: 20th March 2018

As a part of UX Immersion course at CareerFoundry, I had time to evaluate an application 'WINDY: NOAAwind forecast app,' regarding the overall structure and usability of the application. 

2. Evaluation Standards

The heuristic evaluation was conducted based on Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics. I analysed each page/screen of the application and could find some big and small strengths/usability issues.


As the evaluation was held whilst I was designing VELA, I could have an opportunity to consider in which way to design and display each feature of VELA as well - looking through WINDY app and analysing it thoroughly.

3. Evaluation Report

After analysing each page of WINDY app, I wrote a 16-page heuristic evaluation report as follows:

4. Lesson from the Project

Heuristic evaluation about a service/digital product can be an effective method for usability improvement or benchmarking. In this project, I could try not to cause the similar usability problem in my UX design process, and consider the good design methods for my design at the same time. 


In addition, considering that continuous inspiration is needed for better user experience design, I would like to participate in more heuristic evaluation processes as well in the future - with user research, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing - to minimise usability issues and to bring the better experiences whilst using services.

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