Meet VELA, the weather application for water sports enthusiasts who are looking for easy-to-understand forecast and safety tip beforehand.

VELA helps you to get personalised weather information and keep you safe - wherever you are, whenever you want.

With VELA, enjoy the best and the safest water sports experience ever.


How VELA Works

Set up the Location

The VELA app allows you to personalise the weather conditions to your specific geo-location.

Check the Alert

VELA will automatically alert you to weather conditions, keeping you safe.

Check the Weather Forecast

Looking to go out in the future? VELA can let you know what the conditions will be like in the 4 weeks ahead.

Add/Change the Location

Search weather conditions and safety tip of anywhere in the world, anytime you want.

Check the Reviews

See other users reviews of your favourite locations or find a new location that will become your favourite.

Rate the Place Afterwards

Add and share your review for others to see and stay safe.


VELA Style Guide

The VELA style guide consists of a complimentary 'water' palette that is both pleasing to look at and effective for the interface.

To Know More about VELA

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